February Hill from Atlanta, GA began singing at the age of 3 and having very intimate conversations with God since a very young age. Her music did not reflect that until she was a young adult then she was able to move past singing about her feelings to singing about the goodness of God. She uses the platform she has at Jehovah Jamz to teach through song, but most of all, she teaches through how she lives.  Februrary is always willing to share her experiences so that it may bring someone to Salvation or hope.  Mother of two beautiful young adults, Genesis and Corey Brown. Her gifts are singing, teaching, and ministering for God’s kingdom. February's solo project released in 2020  for the world to experience what God reveals through her music.


February Hill

Joseph “JSIII” Smith III begin in the entertainment business as a disc jockey and a record producer for over 30 years.  He moved to Atlanta to begin producing music in 1995 and launched the careers of independent secular artists. In 2003, he pivoted from his influence of the word of God,  to start a new independent record label “Prophetic Entertainment Records”, created with Michael “Gifted” Upshaw in 2003.  Prophetic Entertainment Records released two Christian rap projects entitled “Keep it Moving in Faith” and “Faith is the Key” recording as the Christian Rap duo Q.W.E.S.T. (Quintessential Wisdom Edifying & Seeking Trinity).  Currently, Joseph is a Christian rapper and  co-owner of Jehovah Jamz Records with his wife Patricia. He enjoys his time to minister in song and is due to release new music on the upcoming “Revelation, Rhythm, and Rhyme – The Compilation” Entry 2.




February Hill




 “Revelation, Rhythm, and Rhyme

– ThE Compilation”

is a variety of Gospel, praise and worship plus Christian rap artists who thirst to worship and honor God with the gifts He anointed them delivering a musical collage to fill the taste of many providing soul stirring music to open the listeners’ spirit.  The singer songwriter and praise team leader John Bennett leads the way along with JSIII to produce the project With several artist releasing solo projects soon, the future looks bright for Jehovah Jamz Records.    

1.    Blessings – February Hill/John Bennett/JSIII
2.    Never Change – John Bennett/Kim McRae
3.    He’s So Good – February Hill/JSIII/John Bennett
4.    Iron Sharpens Iron – Jared “Swank” Taylor/JSIII   /Ronny “Ca$h    

Cunningham” Lambert/John Bennett
5.    God Is Love - February Hill/John Bennett/JSIII
6.    Making of A Classic – Q.W.E.S.T. (Michael “Gifted” Upshaw/JSIII)
7.    Dwell in God - John Bennett/ February Hill
8.    Persuaded – John Bennett/ February Hill
9.    No Question - Kim McRae/John Bennett
10.  Seek His Face - John Bennett
11.  Won’t Go Back – JSIII/track produced by Ike Boogie
12.  Revelation, Rhythm, and Rhyme – JSIII/John Bennett



Joseph “JSIII” Smith III & Patricia Taylor-Smith for Smith Tay Entertainment LLC. & Jehovah Jamz Records/John Bennett

Jehovah Jamz Records Publishing BMI 2017

Album includes The New Single,
He Is The Light as a Bonus Track



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