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February Hill

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Big Rissa

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TAMG (1).jpg

The Agape Music Group

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Hi-Lite Real

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Anna Surv

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Praya P

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Rev Ashton Reynolds.jpg

Rev Ashton


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BAKER the Legend.jpeg

Baker The Legend

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Brutha War new.jpg

Brutha War

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Ladies in Full Effect

DJ • DJ  DJ • DJ 

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DJ Network.jpg

DJ Network

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DJ Treyo

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DJ Preach

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DJ Remnant 2.jpg

DJ  Remnant

Uniti Tour

Uniti Tour

Uniti Tour 2022

Uniti Tour 2022

Let’s Do Something Different Together in Uniti

The Uniti Tour, created by Joseph "JSIII" Smith III, is a platform for  connecting Christian artists of different musical genres, new and experienced, who love ministering in song to uplift Jesus' mighty name and intersecting with different communities to churches across the nation for the sole purpose of diversifying audiences to various forms of Christian music with a unique and FREE concert experience.

JSIII says “Many artists, especially newer artists may not have the opportunity to showcase their God given talent so the Uniti Tour may benefit someone to minister with their gift.”


Several pastors or church leadership have seen these concerts to unite people plus have a different way to share the Gospel. The Uniti Tour has been an excellent venture to lift the name of Jesus, allow the lost to enter a relationship with God, and to enjoy great music from artist who love to bless His Kingdom with their musical talent.